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Commentaire écrit 18 Aug 2020
The new V78 attracted by its unusual layout with a huge cockpit and comfortable cabins on the lower deck. The combination of a sporty character with comfort and a good power reserve allows for the second year to gradually master the Mediterranean from Malta to Sardinia and Corsica, and a small draft for a yacht of this size allows you to freely maneuver in shallow waters off the beaches east of Palermo. And there is no problem finding marinas for stops. I am very pleased with the yacht, I think it will stay with me for a while.
Commentaire écrit 17 Aug 2020
My Princess 40M is already 3 years old and I took a maximum of 12 people on board. For all my friends there are comfortable and spacious cabins where you can rest and relax, and in our family, with the purchase of this yacht, it is now such a tradition that we spend all birthdays on the ship. The ship has 2 bathrooms with showers, a spacious entrance hall and a wardrobe. In general, we are completely satisfied with everything - the yacht is worth its money!
Commentaire écrit 17 Aug 2020
Bought Princess F45 yacht last year. Fell in love with her at first sight when I saw her at an exhibition in Dusseldorf. On the main deck, they decided to organize an additional seating area and put additional sun loungers. The guest cabins are very comfortable and spacious, with enough lockers for storing water supplies. The interior decoration of the entire vessel deserves special attention, because it is made using oak in light gray tones. And the power of the Volvo Penta D6's two engines is impressive. The vessel can easily reach speeds of up to 29 knots.
Date de visite Juillet 2020
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Commentaire écrit 17 Aug 2020
J'ai acheté le bébé R35 assez récemment, car j'étais simplement fasciné par le design, il est clair qu'ils ont fait de leur mieux. J'ai conduit le yacht à grande vitesse d'un ami, donc il y a beaucoup moins d'espace dans les cabines et les lieux de repos sont très exigus, mais ici, malgré le fait qu'il ait été créé pour la vitesse, la situation est complètement différente, pour laquelle je l'aime encore plus. Au fait, je ne sais pas comment ils l'ont fait, mais même à une vitesse décente, il est normalement contrôlé et reste stable sur l'eau. Je ne... montrer plus
Commentaire écrit 17 Aug 2020
I took the V60 after the V40 - I wanted something similar, but bigger. I fell in love with the 60th immediately at the exhibition, I liked the look so much. I looked into the salon and realized - I take it. For the second year I have been riding it near Crete and to the islands of the Aegean Sea. The yacht is the perfect combination of speed, maneuverability and comfort, the radius of circulation at full speed is less than 80 meters, while the roll is less than 15 °. The cool new glazing of the saloon gives... montrer plus
Commentaire écrit 14 Aug 2020
I bought a V40 in 2018 to replace the 39th model, I really like that it has much more extensive glazing and more cabin windows. Also, according to my subjective feeling, it became much more maneuverable and easier to control, while the power and dynamics remained the same. Quite often we go out on it to the Mediterranean with friends for a couple of days, everything suits me, I don't think about replacing it yet.
Date de visite Mai 2020
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Commentaire écrit 14 Aug 2020
Ich habe mich wegen der offenen Limousine für die V50 entschieden - für die spanische Mittelmeerküste ist diese Anordnung genau richtig. Es ist gut, dass die Werft die Wahl zwischen einer geschlossenen und einer offenen Limousine bietet. Seit zwei Jahren reisen wir mit unserer Familie von Cartagena nach Gibraltar und nördlich nach Valencia. Normalerweise wählen wir eine gemütliche Bucht, ankern und schwimmen. Die Yacht ist sehr komfortabel für kleine Ausflüge mit der Familie, ich werde es noch nicht ändern.
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Commentaire écrit 14 Aug 2020
The V65 is a good choice for weekend getaways with family or friends. For two years he went around the Adriatic - Montenegro, Croatia, got to Corfu. The yacht is good on the move, goes to planing in a matter of seconds, enters a small wave easily, in circulation at full speed under 40 knots, the roll is minimal, all the dishes on the tables remain in place. I liked the sliding hardtop very much, in good weather you feel like on a flybridge in the cabin. Another very convenient control post, with excellent visibility, the chair is like your... montrer plus
Commentaire écrit 29 Jul 2020
Last year I asked Llyn marine to sort out the excess play in my Volvo Penta outdrive, being a main dealer and how they ensured me they would sort it out. I also asked if they could service the engine at the same time. When they visited the boat yard, they asked me if they could remove the engine and outdrive and take back to the workshop as it would be quicker and easier. (big mistake). So now the bills started coming in. over £8000 by the time it was refitted !!. then to my horror, the main problem I... montrer plus
Date de visite Septembre 2019
Commentaire écrit 7 Jul 2020
Большая марина, как средство передвижения хорошо подойдёт электросамокат. Из плюсов — просторно, не докучают соседи : ), из минусов не где поесть, разве что, сходить/доехать на самокате в город, рядом большой, недостроенный блок... видимо там и планировались разные ресторанчики, магазинчики, и прочие фасилитис.
Date de visite Août 2019
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