7,65 m / 25,10 ft
2,48 m / 8,14 ft
1,60 m / 5,25 ft
1,35 tonne

Model Archambault Surprise — rare for today's "marketologist-oriented" example of boat-longevity: the first boat of this type, touched her keel to the water 35 years ago — back in 1977, and since then the firm has built more than a thousand yachts of this type. It's really hard to find a more versatile boat than the trailer this 24-gutovic — a well-balanced, fast, elegant and easy to operate and handle. The boat can be equipped with one of three options of fins: deep ballasted keel, short double keels or heavy retractable centerboard. Powerplant yachts can also vary: from a stationary diesel to light the outboards. Focused on the gambling and sailors, this boat has a very well-planned cockpit, to facilitate crew work to tackle.

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