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a Young brand with a bird called Cutwater (vodorez) became a solid answer and not a young American company of Fluid Motion the demands of the yachting market of the XXI century. C 1958 men of the family Livingstone building in the state of Washington well-known "pocket pushers" Ranger Tugs. For a long time, these compact trawlers remained in the number of characters low-speed walking of the fleet, but with the change of generations the relevance of this class of ships and the shipyard has made a radical maneuver, focusing on a speedboat for a family holiday.

So there was a Cutwater boats with inboard motors and interesting buildings of the transitional type, characterized by the presence of a ventilated transverse step and rolling in Segi keel. Such unusual for this size class, the geometry of the building made it possible to achieve efficient fuel consumption, good stability and habitability. The combination of these factors along with signature "buns" like a wide transom platform, additional control and stern sofa with reversible backrest immediately identified Cutwater among the similar. Thanks to its compact size Cutwater boats are suitable for transportation on the trailer.

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