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STORTI Giancarlo (Giancarlo Storti) always felt a special love for the sea. He was able to achieve much in life, for example, to take the post of Chairman and technical Director of the largest Italian companies manufacturing equipment for the woodworking industry. But to realize their long cherished dream was solved relatively recently.

In 2013 he created his first folding tender and together with his wife founded the company Extender Srl. About the new producer wrote in Motonautica, where he talked about simple, at first glance, design. The folding boat center console goes into a special hatch (or bottom), and both housing halves are flush with each other. This allows to save space in the garage of the yacht and makes it easier to transport to the sea, if the boat is used as a separate vessel.


the Company continues, opening up new foreign markets.


the Company has its own small factory in Motta-Bluffing the North Italy. Here is the main office Extender. To provide high reliability and meet the modern trends on a young dockyard use the services of professionals, ranging from designers, to staff the Assembly line.


a Portfolio of the shipyard are represented> by the RIBA — boats with inflatable sides with length from 4 to 6.5 metres. Though compact, the manufacturer does not forget about the comfort of the owner. Every boat has padded seats and sofas, and the largest model is equipped with a bathing platform. For ease of operation and maintenance of all tenders fitted with outboard motors.


Experts Extender Srl does not stop there, here are constantly developing new options to use every inch of space as efficiently as possible. So at the request of the client in the inflatable section may install additional seats and also offer a choice of several colors for the interior elements and the housing.

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