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company History

Once the Albion famous racer Jeremy watts (Jeremy Watts), winner of the recent world Cup, came to talented Navy architect Lorne Campbell (Lorne Campbell) and proposed the creation of a new boat. From Lorna was 40-years of experience developing high performance motor boats and trimarans. Together, his projects have garnered more than 100 race wins and 20, world Championships and national Championships. Friendly tandem launched a range of speedboats. So in 1995, started its way to the ICE Marine shipyard. The idea was to produce a boat capable of overcoming distances with the comfort at high speed in different weather conditions. On the offshore scene there have been many representatives of this class, but the team entered the market with a unique hull form AEM (Air Entrapment Monohull), "exciting" the air. To increase the potential speed, the hull rises out of the water, behaving more stable than the case with V-neck bottom. But not only the driving performance is friends, the decor inside is also given constant attention to "you could comfortably ride the mother on the fjord".


the ICE Marine Shipyard located at the mouth of the world famous river hamble, near Southampton. With the quick and easy access to the Solent and English channel, location is the ideal base for boat building and sea trials. In the production of ICE used Marine gelcoats and Crystic Scott Bader.


the range of the shipyard is >racing boat length is 35 feet, speed 45 ' yacht-style high-tech with hardtop and high-speed boats are not civil appointments: Bladerunner and Seablade from reganam body.


the Bladerunner Series is founded on the desire to create a high performance boat for people who like to move through the water comfortably at high speeds. This was achieved thanks to the innovative hull shape AEM used for all of Bladerunner motor boats.

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