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company History

Young, by the standards of the shipyards, the Turkish company Mazu Yachts was founded in 2011 in the city of Yalova. The company occupied a niche in boat building Executive class. To meet the high requirements of customers the specialists of the company spend a large amount of time studying needs and thoroughly working on every detail.

Despite its small age, the shipyard has managed to assert itself on a global level. One of the latest models of Mazu Yachts 52 was unveiled at the Monaco Yachts Show in 2018. 15-meter boat worth over $1 million aroused great public interest.


In a shipyard until one production facility with a total area of 4,000 square meters including 3000 sq. m. is an indoor shop, which also houses the design Department. During the year, the company is able to build up to 10 boats. Small production volumes associated with the company's policy, which is aimed primarily at quality and match the needs of the customer.

in the production of boats used in the method of cold pressing, which gives the car a light, but durable housing.


the range of our shipyard is represented by one line in length from 38 to 82 feet. The smallest of the series — Mazu Yachts 38 represents a >design runabout that the intent of the manufacturer can also be used as a >tender for a superyacht.

the larger models of the company are to design >a motor yacht. They are suitable for speed lovers and connoisseurs of comfortable rest on the water.


do not trust Mazu Yachts design boats third-party design studios, deals with this issue, the General Director of the company Halit Yucay (Halit Yukay), which work is guided by personal professional experience of the captain. The result is yachts get their own recognizable style.

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