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the Builder Silvercraft was established in 2008, the famous company Gulf Craft, known for its superyachts. Gulf Craft itself originated in 1982, and its birthplace is the city of Ajman in United Arab Emirates. The company was founded by the brothers Alshaali (Alshaali) Mohammed, Abdullah and Jamal (Mohammed, Abdullah, Jamal), as well as their friend Mohammad Hamdan (Dr. Mohammed Hamdan).

for the First time about yourself, the shipyard said in 2008 on the Dubai International Boat Show — then just two days it sold over a hundred of yachts and boats worth $6 million.

over the years, the brand became more popular, and the portfolio is constantly expanding.


the founders of the brand Gulf Craft has four shipyards — two in Dubai, one for the Maldives and one in Umm al Quwain, UAE. Silvercraft made in Dubai headquarters company.

Child share the philosophy Silvercraft, Gulf Craft — the emphasis is on reliability and design. Vessel Silvercraft regularly participate in international exhibitions around the world.


Silvercraft produces mainly cruise and yachts >boats for fishing. Provides them the comfort and practicality of the design. Many models are equipped >with hardtop and closed cabin, which can comfortably sail the sea in any weather.

the Hallmark of boats> center console is their convenience: there is more than enough space for comfortable fishing. It is a reliable and safe boat, designed for tough weather conditions.

the boats of the brand created for walking, fishing and water sports like water skiing. Vessel Silvercraft demand from the military and are part of the fleet of the coast guard. All boats have a durable but light structure. Reliability is confirmed by certificates B.v. Q. I and ISO 9001.


Built on the Foundation laid 27 years ago, the shipyard Silvercraft, above all, demonstrates a wide range of compact family boats and boats for fishing. The production uses modern technologies such as three-layer sandwich construction and vacuum infusion method.

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