We at Aicon Yachts, are driven by our passion for design, performance, and the open ocean. We aim to set ambitious targets, and guarantee complete client satisfaction with a bespoke yachting experience.

Our designers and engineers interact continuously throughout the course of the project, to consider both form and function in every detail.

The design ethos ensures an eye-catching, seaworthy vessel with beauty and functionality.

Modelli di yacht


Lunghezza 17.40 m3 Cabine12 Passengers
Lunghezza 17.40 m3 Cabine12 Passengers
Lunghezza 17.40 m3 Cabine7 Passengers
Lunghezza 20.00 m3 Cabine6 Passengers
Lunghezza 20.40 m4 Cabine8 Passengers
Lunghezza 22.18 m4 Cabine8 Passengers
Lunghezza 23.22 m4 Cabine8 Passengers

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