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company History

the Famous shipyard on the lake Como, Giacomo Colombo (Giacomo Colombo) in 1956, is a pioneer in the construction of the Italian nautical pleasure boats. Initially, the shipyard was engaged in the manufacture of wooden motor boats by hand, and then moved on to the semi-industrial method with models made of fiberglass.

In any case, whatever the type and size of the model, Giacomo Colombo always gave each boat its own character, playing with different materials in their construction and design. This approach has quickly elevated the brand value in Italy and abroad.

high-Speed sports boats Colombo became one of the most notable models in the Italian yacht market, has attracted the attention of a major shipbuilding company Sarnico Group. Latest in 2007, acquired Colombo, and then, the brand has reached a new level, receiving investment and new technologies.


At present, the annual production of Colombo is around forty boats. The staff consists of 35 workers at the shipyards in Menaggio and bene Lario. In addition, as required, the Builder receives additional resources from the parent company Sarnico Group.


Directory of Colombo consists of a dozen models, from 25 to 44 feet. All boats are equipped with the latest and the best equipment available on the market. Still appreciated the old model, such as the famous Super Indios 24 XL and Romance 32, which represent a relatively expensive boats are made of fiberglass and mahogany. They are made using unique methods to combine different materials

After entering the Sarnico shipyard Group has released a series of closed-cruise >yachts with Alldays and there are a series of >open cruise yacht Bellagio. It also continue produces the classic >runabout and boats >with >Cuddy cabin.


Brand Colombo in the construction of the yacht follows the tradition of Italian shipbuilding industry, combining semi-proizvostvo and manual labor. The charm of precious wood and the durability of fiberglass allow yachts Colombo for a long time to save investments.

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