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Follow fashionable novelties are impressed with the modern design and like to impress others? You may want to pay attention to Hanse Yachts. The choice is wide: the German shipyard offers models from 31 to 67 feet. And the cost is acceptable: the balance "price/quality" has always been the main principle of pragmatic marketing brand Hanse Yachts.


amid the heroic stories of its main competitors yacht Builder Hanse Yachts seems to be quite a young company. German professional sailor Michael Schmidt was created in Greifswald soon after combining Germany. At first, he just was engaged in yacht repair, but in 1993 he ventured to submit to düsseldorf his first model, the Hanse 291. In fact, under that name was hiding the Swedish yacht Aphrodite 291, whose matrix was bought and transported to Greifswald.

the Success of "the German hammer" as they called this model the customers was overwhelming — more than 30 orders were received directly at the stand. Much the same happened with the second model, the Hanse 331, which was a slightly remade Finngulf 33.

Since then a lot has flowed. The shipyard has long been standing yachts on original designs from the world famous design Bureau with the sport "orientation" — Judel/Vrolijk & Co, and offices lined with shelves of awards. The company turned to Hanse Group, has three production sites and a portfolio of brands.

the Lineup

Hanse Yachts strictly follows its focus on speed >cruising yacht with a Mediterranean cockpit. Range of models, as befits a company operating in the mass market, is quite wide — 10 models from 30 to 67 feet. Moreover, yachts longer than 50 feet, and therefore more expensive, occupy half of the lineup.


a Characteristic feature of Hanse Yachts, which have been grafted the shipyard since birth, and successfully cultivated design from Judel/Vrolijk & Co, is the imitation of a sports yacht without giving up comfort. It is expressed in the following principles: low displacement, high body rigidity, large interior volume, good performance, ease of use and minimalistic interiors. But have Hanse Yachts and something different. First and foremost is the purity of lines borrowed from a >luxury cruising yachts.


today, Hanse Yachts is the second largest producer of yachts in the world. The main production facilities are located at Baltika, in the town of Graysvald. The company also owns Assembly plant in the Polish town of goleniów in the West of the country. Enterprises with a total area of almost 400 sq. m. operates 1,300 people.

Modelli di yacht

Sailing Yachts

nuovo da $ 99 593
Lunghezza 10.40 m3 Cabine8 Passengers
nuovo da $ 128 085
Lunghezza 11.40 m3 Cabine10 Passengers
nuovo da $ 172 118
Lunghezza 12.40 m3 Cabine10 Passengers
nuovo da $ 205 791
Lunghezza 14.04 m4 Cabine10 Passengers
nuovo da $ 265 365
Lunghezza 15.55 m5 Cabine12 Passengers
nuovo da $ 321 867
Lunghezza 16.22 m4 Cabine12 Passengers
nuovo da $ 418 208
Lunghezza 17.20 m4 Cabine12 Passengers
nuovo da $ 499 044
nuovo da $ 1 553 986

Modelli precedenti

Lunghezza 9.63 m2 Cabine6 Passengers2005 - 2012
Lunghezza 10.40 m2013 - 2016
Lunghezza 10.59 m2010 - 2014
Lunghezza 10.60 m3 Cabine8 Passengers2014 - 2017
Lunghezza 11.28 m3 Cabine6 Passengers2009 - 2013
Lunghezza 11.35 m3 Cabine7 Passengers2014 - 2017
Lunghezza 11.35 m2010 - 2014
Lunghezza 11.40 m2013 - 2016
Lunghezza 12.10 m2010 - 2014
Lunghezza 12.35 m3 Cabine8 Passengers2012 - 2015
Lunghezza 12.40 m2013 - 2016
Lunghezza 13.18 m4 Cabine10 Passengers2010 - 2014
Lunghezza 13.30 m2010 - 2014
Lunghezza 13.52 m2013 - 2018
Lunghezza 13.95 m2014 - 2018
Lunghezza 14.20 m3 Cabine8 Passengers1996 - 2010
Lunghezza 14.31 m2010 - 2014
Lunghezza 15.40 m4 Cabine2013 - 2019
Lunghezza 15.40 m2013 - 2017
Lunghezza 16.08 m4 Cabine9 Passengers2015 - 2017
Lunghezza 16.15 m4 Cabine10 Passengers2001 - 2016
Lunghezza 16.20 m1989 - 2002
Lunghezza 17.15 m2013 - 2015
Lunghezza 19.00 m2006 - 2010

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