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Its birth, the Taiwan shipyard Horizon Yachts required designer John Lu, which could create and launch it on the market serious brand quickly earned a solid reputation. Today Horizon Yachts is the first and only Asian member of the Association superyacht shipyards (SYBAss) and the fifth largest shipyard in the world from those that build private ships of a class "Lux". br>
the Company operates in the industry for 28 years: during this time she has created more than 160 unique superyachts and nearly 600 motor yachts of medium length. the Horizon Yachts provides a third of exports of yachts in Taiwan and eight consecutive years was awarded the title of "Best motor yacht in Asia." br>
the Shipyard has its own staff of engineers and designers who develop the court, meet the requirements of DNV and MCA. Standardized production and modern communication systems allow it to produce the yacht in a short time without loss in quality, while taking into account the wishes of customers. br>
extensive range of the shipyard comprises not only single-hulled vessels 40-170 feet but and motor catamarans. br>
In 1999, Horizon Yachts became the first Asian company to receive the right to use American technology molding fiberglass SCRIMP to significantly reduce weight without sacrificing strength. br>
in Addition to the boats under its own brand, the Horizon fulfilled orders for European brands Elegance and Bandido, and also collaborated with famous designers like Cor D. Rover, Juan Carlos Espinoza and Greg Marshall. br>
Having a large production capacity and financial stability, the company also provides rarity and built Taiwan's first Marina for superyachts.

Modelli di yacht


Lunghezza 14.60 m3 Cabine10 Passengers
Lunghezza 17.00 m4 Cabine12 Passengers
Lunghezza 18.51 m4 Cabine12 Passengers
Lunghezza 18.60 m4 Cabine7 Passengers
Lunghezza 19.51 m4 Cabine10 Passengers
Lunghezza 22.49 m6 Cabine11 Passengers
Lunghezza 24.90 m4 Cabine10 Passengers
Lunghezza 25.99 m14 Passengers
Lunghezza 28.65 m4 Cabine8 Passengers
Lunghezza 30.33 m4 Cabine16 Passengers
Lunghezza 32.00 m4 Cabine18 Passengers

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