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Baveria is Love owning a Bavarian means sometimes crazy and sometimes it means living and keeping alive I said BAVERIA is LOVE, it's the stories that happen
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The broker wanted a deposit without a viewing of 4000€, and did at no time seem serious of making a sale. Time waster.
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Само название Grey wolf- Серый волк)))) Прекрасная тур по островам, забрали сразу с пляжа отеля Vogue, были приветственные комплементы, турецкий кофе, рыба на гриле, музыка и танцы. Ловили устриц. Было удивительно, рекомендуем. но лучше все обговорить до мелочей.
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Fake price for the item! Why would you post a fake price?
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The boat in this picture looks strange. No location . Price to low. No answer.
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The westhinder boat is a veri nice boat. I was very lucky to sail on one of these in the Mediterranean. I would like to buy one, too bad they are all in north Europe.
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We would not recommend this marina. Two times in the past year all the electronics on our boat were stolen. One would think the management would care enough to invest in a decent security system.
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Recensione scritta 16 Mar 2021
im looking to buy one of these as they are very slick looking but they dont have a fuel range acceptable to my needs 2000nm when i want to cross new zealand to australia so will keep looking .the pj170 looks terrible at the bow if it had this shape would be a hit with me due to fuel range will keep looking for a new fast toy
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One of the oldest marinas in Gocek and still going very strong. The quality of services are great, security and cleanliness is exceptional and it is a in a great spot. Looking forward to visiting again when the covid travel restrictions lift. Oh and most sailors must go restaurant is very close to Skopea Marina :) https://www.goceq.com/time-out/kebap/kebab-hospital-gocek/
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4.5 / 5
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