Art of Kinetik

Art of Kinetik

Serbian shipyard Art of Kinetik was founded recently, in 2007, but the first motor yacht of the brand with a 19-meter Hedonist - brought her worldwide fame. This is made possible by a unique, on what not similar design that was born in pursuit of the shipyard to create the perfect balance between art and dynamic characteristics.

Currently, the model range of Art of Kinetik has only three yachts, but the company plans to introduce a full line of luxury boats from 10 to 30 m. the Main feature of the shipyard that its boats are built mainly from the classic "marine" wood: African mahogany and natural Burmese teak, which are subject to special treatment to increase strength and resistance to aggressive environments in Germany.

There in the Bavarian develop and fully produce the interiors. The owners of Art of Kinetik sure that none of the material compares with wood for functional, technological and aesthetic qualities and create a unique high-speed yachts with keeled seaworthy hull and water jet propulsion. "Our vessels like yachts, but, in fact, they are works of art on the water" - sounds exactly like the motto Art of Kinetik.

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Longitud 19.00 m12 Pasajeros2007 - 2017

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