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Private shipyard Austal was born in the Australian Perth. It was founded by David singleton (David Singleton) August 8, 1988.

Ten years later, in December 1998, the company entered the Australian stock exchange. Austal has steadily strengthened its positions on the world market: singleton bought advanced shipbuilding and IT company. In 2018 Austal is a global shipbuilding Corporation and General contractor specializing in the design, construction and support of defense and commercial vessels.

the Shipyard has designed and built more than 260 vessels for defence forces and merchant Navy. Austal has partnered with Australian border troops; major ferry operators Condor Ferries (Australia) Mols-Linien (Denmark) Navy Australian Navy; the Royal Navy of Oman and the United States Navy.


three main Austal shipyard. Defense ships are designed, erected and maintained in the Henderson (Western Australia) and Mobile (al, USA), shopping and tourist court — in Balamban (Philippines). Additional service centers for technical support of ships, are located in the Darwin and Cairns (Australia) San Diego (CA, USA) and Muscat (Sultanate of Oman). Austal leads to a strict environmental management system.

"We aim to maximize resource efficiency, recycle and reuse materials in the production, preserving natural resources for future generations," — said in January 2018 David singleton (David Singleton), CEO of Austal.


Austal produces littoral combat ships (LCS), defence of the court, the court high-speed forwarding (EPF), passenger and car ferries auxiliary cargo vessels (HSSV), patrol boats, offshore wind farms and luxury megayachts.


Their ships Austal equips the most complex communication systems, automatic piloting and management by a vehicle.



Longitud 72.00 m 14 Cabañas 28 Pasajeros
Longitud 72.00 m 15 Cabañas 30 Pasajeros

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