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company History

the Dutch company Neptune Marine Shipbuilding BV was founded in 1972. She was one of the first in the country began to build boats of fiberglass composite. Neptunus semi-displacement length 11-24 meter demand. It was built about 200 such boats, many of them exploited so far.

the First yacht of the brand Elling was born in 1997 and became the company's answer to the requests of customers seeking to get a reliable, seaworthy, comfortable yachts is relatively small, which, everything else could be filled in luxury equipment. Developed in collaboration with renowned designer >Ken Pravaham (Ken Freivokh), concept Elling was the original embodiment of the idea of >marine all-weather convertible. In 1998, Neptune Marine in conjunction with the company Akzo Nobel has developed a technology fiberglass reinforcement of the hull with taranom, giving the boat hulls greater strength. Since the launch of Elling in manufacturing the company has built over 300 yachts of this brand.

in addition to yachts, the Neptune Marine Shipbuilding produces many other marine products: vessels technical purposes, pontoons, floating power plant, etc.


Model number and manufacturing

the company's Shipyard located in the city of Aalst. In the collection of the company includes several models of the range semi-displacement yachts Elling E length of 45 feet. Each model is available in several variantah plan. Since yachts can be used in different climatic conditions, Elling is equipped with heating and air conditioning and are double glazed, so panoramic illumination felling not becomes the weakest link in the strength of its design.


brand Features

Yachts Elling — "dolls". The objectives of the company consisted of the creation of such a cruise boat that would be as reliable as the rescue boats of the coast guard. Model Elling passed various tests, including a coup overkill, demonstrating the ability of the yacht to heal itself.

Elling — all-weather exploreri certified for category A (Ocean). Economy mode Elling yachts can cross the ocean, the maximum speed allows you to walk faster than many classmates, shallow draught and a keel to give additional convenience when boating on inland waters. This versatile yacht is uncommon.

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