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company History

the boat Manufacturing American Fleming Yachts was launched in 1985 to Taiwan shipyard Tung Hwa under Tony Fleming. Over decades of work in the far Eastern division of the American Marine he has gained experience and knowledge, which allowed to define a niche that is his yacht, choose the manufacturer and successfully start their own business. Priority for Fleming was yachts trawler type. The first project being the yacht Fleming 55, case No. 1 which came from stocks in the next, 1986. By 1997, the number of issued buildings of this model exceeded a hundred. Over time, clients of the shipyard began to show interest in the larger models, and in 2000, the first boat of the Fleming 75 was launched. In the beginning 2000s, in the Wake of the growing popularity of Fleming Yachts, was launched the third model of the shipyard, the Fleming 65. In December 2015 the total number built boats Fleming reached 300.


currently, the shipyard is an active player in the market >expedition yachts trawler type.


All yachts Fleming continue built at the Tung Hwa shipyard near Kaohsiung. With this Builder at Fleming Yachts have developed an exclusive relationship, and today the Taiwanese manufacturer only builds yachts Fleming. The partnership has led to significant modernisation at Tung Hwa, so she could meet the growing prestige of the vessels. It employs around 200 specialists, many of whom work since the founding of the Tung Hwa. Every year produced an average of 18 buildings Fleming, produced mainly manually. The hull material is composite laminate. The company's products are sold through a network of authorized dealers in USA and Europe and offices in Australia and New Zealand.


the Company produces expedition yachts from 17 to 25 m. long. These projects are constantly improving.

"Although the exterior of the boat, it seems, not much has changed, in fact, hundreds of changes were made to systems and details. To this day we adhere to the principle of continuous improvement. something introduced with new technology, the other our experience, and we take into account the wishes of our customers and dealers. As a result, our yachts are always modern. We continue committed to our policy of quality, not quantity" —

says Tony Fleming.

the Features

to statements of the shipyard about the "perfect yacht Fleming" not at odds with the reality supplied a lot of effort. An example is the experience of the Tony Fleming, who in their Venture (Fleming 65) has passed 20 thousand miles along the seas of the New world. This trip can be considered the largest sea trial cruise of the yacht. They allowed Fleming to test systems and equipment, as well as give life to new ideas.

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