Focus Motor Yachts

Focus Motor Yachts

Focus Motor Yachts is a world-class boat builder with deep-rooted family values. Based in Amsterdam and designed by British Naval Architect, Tony Castro, our range of premium sports cruisers from 33 to 50 feet provides the ideal balance of performance, refinement, and layout flexibility.

Whether for charter use or private ownership, for cruising couples or for adventurous families, each Focus Motor Yacht is hand built, highly customisable and backed up by a lifetime of meticulous factory support and after-sales care. That ensures not just enduring style and quality, but some of the strongest long-term resale values in the industry.



Longitud 7.00 m1 Cabina2 Pasajeros
Longitud 9.90 m2 Cabañas5 Pasajeros
Longitud 11.00 m2 Cabañas5 Pasajeros
Longitud 13.80 m3 Cabañas7 Pasajeros

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