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the Builder Millennium Super Yachts appeared thanks to the American fascination with Italian roots John Staluppi (John Staluppi) at this time, the superyachts. Prior to starting his own shipbuilding business, he managed to become the owner of several fast custom boats — Octopussy and Moonraker, developed by Frank Mulder (Frank Mulder) and Thunderball from Denison Marine.

In 1998, John formed a strong international team and created Millennium Super Yachts shipyard. Initially the company was engaged in the improvement and maintenance of previously acquired superyacht owner. The company is also engaged in the creation of their own boats in the premium segment.




On the creation of the project work of Dutch architects. To ensure a high quality build, the shipyard was invited by the European shipbuilders with years of experience and the famous Italian master wood. Specialists of the company, Millennium Super Yachts responsibly each step: carefully selected materials and components, and the list of suppliers, hundreds.

Boats are certified by the American Bureau of shipping, and some models by Lloyd's Register.


John Staluppi loves speed, and his passion is reflected in the lineup of the company. The portfolio of the shipyard consists of fast motor yachts with length from 28 to 60 meters with GRP hulls.

>high-Speed motor yacht shipyard and >models with a fly bridge, despite the impressive size, able to reach speeds of over 30 knots.


the Shipyard offers not only polyketone boats: Millennium Super Yachts specialists are always ready to meet the client and develop the project according to individual wish, for this company has everything you need.


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