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a New Builder, inspired by the motto of "Quality, design, ease in use!", start your journey with three models. After 2 years the firm adjusts the design of their boats, carrying their now more familiar to Europeans, Mediterranean style. Now this is a Monterey style. Very sharp nose, licked the corners of the sides and crinoline — typical features of "Montereau", especially pronounced in bourgeron and Junior sportboats. Flashy appearance, a wide variety of models, reasonable price... — Monterey is becoming a fashionable brand. In 1994, with 14 models, the company is building a second production building. However, in order to less likely to twitch due to lack of space, soon, the shipyard moved to Williston (FL) — shop area of 18600 sq. m. But the free space stood idle for long: with the introduction of a proprietary Air Assist Chine (special profile of the bottom to facilitate planing) boats, Monterey has received new impetus for development and production loading.



Longitud 8.80 m10 Pasajeros2013 - 2024
Longitud 8.80 m1 Cabina8 Pasajeros

Modelos anteriores

Longitud 8.10 m1 Cabina2008 - 2010
Longitud 9.72 m1 Cabina6 Pasajeros2002 - 2005

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