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Nordhavn is the brand name of the American company of PAE, born in 1989. The name Nordhavn comes from Norwegian language and translates as "North port". It's the outside design and design features of Nordhavn yachts, which are much like fishing trawlers are characteristic North sea. Today Nordhavn — a true expedition yacht with durable steel housings and an elegant and cosy interiors, it is the most popular Explorer American customers. However, they prefer to travel long distances, so they are actually to be found not at the coast of the United States and somewhere in Europe.

Among fans of the brand there are many people who sail around the world. The shipyard supports the passions of its customers, organizing a regatta for owners, such as "Around the world" and "Nordhavn Atlantic Rally".

we Must pay tribute to the American yacht Nordhavn, whose production is located in Taiwan, for their durability, efficiency, good stability and reliability.

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