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American shipyard Northcoast Yachts from Seattle famous in the first place, our attitude towards the performance of their yacht, which distinguishes it even amid the most well-known luxury brands.

the Modern history of the enterprise began in 2003, when Steve Yadvish (Steve Yadvish) has acquired the assets of the company to realize its years of experience as a designer and Builder >motor yachts >high-speed motor yachts. In this mission he was helped by the famous designer Paul Fredrickson (Paul Fredrickson).


Production suspended in connection with the death of the owner in 2018.


the Shipyard is located on the Peninsula of Kitsap in the Seattle area. One of the main principles of production was the complete lack of compromise in quality of production. So, even the inner surfaces of the housings are polished and covered with the gel-coat.


Northcoast focuses on producing fully custom yachts. The most famous, thanks to numerous mentions in the press, the company's product — 38 m a planing boat >fly Northcoast 125.


the Court Northcoast highlighted the exceptional level of finish. So, when creating the Northcoast 125 was used Italian onyx and Wallpaper with a weave of pure gold.


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