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The Sanlorenzo brand appeared thanks to the Italian Giovanni Jannetti, who acquired the shipyard Cantieri Navali San Lorenzo in the early seventies of the last century. Before him, the company produced exclusively wooden vessels, but the new owner immediately began to create models of yachts with fiberglass hulls. The SL 57 was launched in 1985, and after 10 years, the 32-meter SL100 superyacht was designed. Later, in 2005, the shipyard passed into the hands of Massimo Perotti, a former top manager of the Azimut-Benetti network, who changed the company's policy and gave a new sound to the brand name.

The main feature of Sanlorenzo is high quality and exclusivity, which made it an icon of elegance in the world of shipbuilding. If small motor yachts are created strictly according to the parameters of the series, then superyachts are designed depending on the wishes of the future owner, up to changes in the hull design. Production of models is limited, as the shipyard puts the quality of its ships at the forefront. Therefore, the company has no dealers, and all service work is carried out only by representatives of the shipyard.

The Sanlorenzo lineup includes 18 yachts from 13 to 63 meters long, each of which bears a high brand name. Attracting to the creation of the vessel the famous designers Francesco Paszkowski, Piero Lissoni, the company conquered new steps on the way to the top. Sanlorenzo yachts over 24 meters long took the second position in the Global Order Book catalog in 2015 and are still on it.

Now Sanlorenzo produces superyachts and luxury yachts with hulls made of steel, aluminum and fiberglass, having achieved excellence in the design and layout of ships. The modern range of superyachts is represented by four main lines:

  • Alloy with aluminum body and good speed performance;
  • Explorer, distinguished by luxury and autonomy;
  • E-Motion with excellent environmental performance and hybrid motors;
  • Steel, durable and comfortable with steel cases.

The brand name includes 3 families of ships with a fiberglass hull.

  • Semi-displacement SD, the main differences of which are classic design, high speed and good stability.
  • Flybridge SL with a modern design and excellent seaworthiness.
  • SX crossover yachts combining the features of an explorer yacht and a flybridge yacht.

The brand is distinguished by exquisite Italian design and new engineering solutions. Its unique features include:

  • Impeccable layout;
  • High quality and exquisite style;
  • Close attention to any detail.

Sanlorenzo holds the brand high, and the brand name sounds synonymous with sophistication and perfection.



Longitud 23.75 m5 Cabañas10 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 5 200 000
Longitud 26.70 m4 Cabañas11 Pasajeros


Longitud 26.76 m4 Cabañas11 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 5 971 241
nuevo de $ 10 769 559
nuevo de $ 14 714 843


Longitud 28.93 m6 Cabañas10 Pasajeros2020 - 2024
Longitud 37.95 m5 Cabañas10 Pasajeros


nuevo de $ 17 860 407


Longitud 52.00 m6 Cabañas12 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 31 988 789
Longitud 56.00 m6 Cabañas24 Pasajeros
Longitud 61.50 m6 Cabañas27 Pasajeros

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Longitud 22.00 m4 Cabañas18 Pasajeros
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Longitud 64.25 m6 Cabañas28 Pasajeros

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