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The history of the Italian shipyard Sessa begins in 1958, when the marine engineer Camillo Braga created the Sessa Marine company. Camillo, in addition to being an experienced engineer, was also an expert in polyesters, which allowed him to be one of the first in Europe to introduce lighter and stronger composite materials into shipbuilding. If earlier the company was engaged in the production of small boats and pleasure boats, then in the 1970s it began to significantly expand its model range, slightly increasing the dimensions of new models, which allowed the company to reach a new level.

An important role in these changes was played by Camillo's daughter, Rafaella Braga Radice. Thirty years later, the company has reached an even higher level, opening its branches in North and South America, thus locating its enterprises on three continents at once. The company also moved on to build even larger yachts, with an emphasis on comfort and spaciousness in the cabin.

The shipyard received the highest award of Italian entrepreneurs - Cavaliere Lavoro, and also quite often receives awards and titles of the best ships of the year at various yacht exhibitions and international festivals. As well as more than 80 years ago, the company is a family business in which the third generation of Braga Radice is already involved.

Today the shipyard Sessa creates 1000 hulls per year, and the total amount of all ships produced is more than 20,000. The company also owns its own marine research center and is actively investing large sums in this area.

The lineup of the enterprise consists of three series of closed or semi-closed yachts with a hardtop and hull length from 11 to 23 meters:

  • The Cruiser range consists of small sports cruiser yachts up to 12 meters in length, with a hydraulic opening hardtop and an open stern deck.
  • Series Yacht Line - these are sports yachts with a hardtop of several large dimensions, from 15 to 21 meters in length, which are also perfectly prepared for a long stay at sea.
  • The Flybridge range differs from the previous series by the presence of a flybridge and several additional seating areas.

In the production of yachts, according to the manufacturer itself, special attention is paid to the quality of the vessels, as well as to the strength characteristics of the hull. The shipyard actively monitors the requirements of the legislation of the importing countries and carefully selects dealers. Recently, the company has been focusing on the production of large-sized vessels with premium interior decoration and specific design, inviting a large number of new designers and design studios for cooperation. This fit makes the major yacht publications talk more about the shipyard, thereby making its products more recognizable.

The customer can choose from several configurations offered by the shipyard, change a large number of parameters in an already finished yacht, or create his own completely unique vessel on the company's website.


Key Largo Inboard Line

nuevo de $ 65 495
nuevo de $ 77 550
Longitud 11.10 m1 Cabina10 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 160 032

Key Largo Outboard Line

nuevo de $ 14 672
Longitud 6.10 m1 Cabina8 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 20 375
Longitud 6.90 m1 Cabina2 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 30 069
Longitud 7.80 m1 Cabina10 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 44 219
Longitud 9.99 m1 Cabina10 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 134 764
Longitud 11.50 m1 Cabina12 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 173 508

Cruiser Line

Longitud 10.60 m2 Cabañas5 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 192 881
Longitud 11.33 m2 Cabañas12 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 283 665
Longitud 11.70 m2 Cabañas12 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 215 622

Flybridge Line

Longitud 13.10 m2 Cabañas12 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 341 121
Longitud 14.27 m3 Cabañas12 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 488 519
Longitud 16.36 m4 Cabañas14 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 897 863

Yacht Line

Longitud 13.10 m2 Cabañas12 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 474 573
Longitud 13.85 m2 Cabañas12 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 378 181
Longitud 15.72 m2 Cabañas12 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 477 569
Longitud 16.36 m4 Cabañas14 Pasajeros2013 - 2023
nuevo de $ 821 217
Longitud 21.04 m4 Cabañas14 Pasajeros
nuevo de $ 1 431 865

Modelos anteriores

Longitud 5.50 m1 Cabina6 Pasajeros
Longitud 6.45 m8 Pasajeros2010 - 2014
Longitud 6.76 m1 Cabina7 Pasajeros2004 - 2016
Longitud 7.65 m7 Pasajeros2010 - 2014
Longitud 8.00 m1 Cabina2 Pasajeros1970 - 1970
nuevo de $ 79 275
Longitud 8.55 m1 Cabina8 Pasajeros2007 - 2016
Longitud 8.55 m1 Cabina8 Pasajeros2007 - 2016
Longitud 9.01 m1 Cabina10 Pasajeros2013 - 2016
Longitud 9.53 m1 Cabina10 Pasajeros2006 - 2011
Longitud 9.77 m1 Cabina8 Pasajeros2010 - 2014
Longitud 10.30 m2 Cabañas11 Pasajeros
Longitud 11.60 m1 Cabina12 Pasajeros2009 - 2014
Longitud 12.60 m2 Cabañas12 Pasajeros2013 - 2017
Longitud 13.20 m2 Cabañas12 Pasajeros2010 - 2014
Longitud 14.27 m3 Cabañas12 Pasajeros2013 - 2017
Longitud 15.90 m3 Cabañas16 Pasajeros2010 - 2014
Longitud 16.36 m3 Cabañas14 Pasajeros
Longitud 19.50 m3 Cabañas14 Pasajeros2010 - 2015
Longitud 21.04 m4 Cabañas14 Pasajeros2014 - 2018
Longitud 21.04 m4 Cabañas14 Pasajeros2014 - 2017

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