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the Builder Cantiere Serigi, a manufacturer of sailing yachts under the brand Solaris, located near the northeastern coast of Italy in the city Aquileia, known since ancient times. Its production area is 26 thousand square meters, including 6 thousand square meters of covered space.

the History of the shipyard began in the 70-ies of the last century. Today, the company builds ocean-going sailing yachts with a hull of fiberglass composite length from 37 to 100 feet, and also engaged in refitem boats. The experience accumulated by the company over the years, allows her to argue that her stocks go highly reliable, proven and very high quality yachts. A special pride of the shipyard is its own technology for the lamination of hull and superstructure, which allows to increase the reliability of the yacht in heavy weather conditions and to prevent deformation of the casing.

the range of the shipyard are yachts from 37 to 60 feet. In addition, the company builds custom yachts, which invites renowned designers, such as Doug Peterson or Javier Soto Asbl. Own design team and furniture production allow the shipyard to realize the most unusual interior ideas of the customers. Abroad the company operates through its offices located in major yachting centres, Europe, Asian and America.

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