the Company "Ultraboats" - a Russian legal entity whose main activity is sale of motor boats and yachts on the Russian market. The company "Ultraboats" was registered on 18 November 2006.The most important activity of the society is promotion on the Russian market internationally known brands of manufacturers of motor boats and yachts. Today the company "Ultraboats" is the exclusive distributor of the companies Sessa Marine (Italy), Monterey Boats (USA) and Beneteau (France) on the line Outboard (boats with outboard motors).

the Company "Ultraboats" also engaged in selling used motor boats and yachts, after sales and warranty services, the installation of additional equipment. When necessary, we provide consulting services and assistance in personnel selection, professional responsibilities which are associated with the operation of water transport.

As a professional with years of experience, the company "Ultraboats" provides a comprehensive solution to issues related to the acquisition of the motoryachts or boats. This includes the supply vessel to the Russian Federation, customs clearance, registration and registration with the relevant authorized departments of the Ministry of Water transport of the Russian Federation.

the Basic principles of activity of the company - high standards of service, and partnership with companies market leaders, supplying high quality original equipment, strict implementation of the assumed obligations.

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