The Italian company Absolute was founded in 2002 by Sergio Maggi and Marcello Be, who have worked under the Gobbi brand for over 40 years. The first motor yachts were released in 2008 and received worldwide recognition.

Motor yachts of the brand Absolute S.p.A. are presented in three lines: with flybridge Fly, semi-displacement Navetta and open type Sport Line. Customers can choose from 14 models ranging in length from 47 to 73 feet, which have received awards at international exhibitions since 2015. The 58 Fly was named the best flybridge yacht in 2018, and the Navetta 73 was named boat of the year and was honored at the boat show in Cannes in the Best Innovation category. In 2020, the Navetta 52 and the Navetta 58, the newest model of the Navetta 64, are on display in Miami.

The shipyard is located in Podenzano in the province of Piacenza, equipped with systems to manage humidity and temperature, the applied technologies reduce the impact on the environment. The Absolute Global Design commitment meets the needs and navigational capabilities of all bodies of water in the world. The Integrated Structural System integrates processes at the assembly stages and forms the interior of the boat with ready-made monoblocks. Yachts must be tested in salt water.

The structural integrity of the boat is guaranteed by the strong fiberglass construction. Volvo Penta engines and technologies reduce emissions, reduce fuel consumption, minimize noise pollution and maximize efficiency. The yachts reach speeds from 22 to 30 knots.

On board Absolute yachts, ECVs and Empirbus chartplotters control all functions, provide navigation information and control assistive devices. Using the Raymarine system simplifies orientation, increases captain awareness and automates the visual identification of significant objects around.

The company is represented by dealers in more than 30 countries and their network is constantly expanding. The design of the housing allows for easy replacement of parts and standard maintenance.

Modelli di yacht


nuovo da $ 951 613
Lunghezza 16.00 m3 Cabine1 Passeggeri
nuovo da $ 1 157 367
nuovo da $ 1 566 304
nuovo da $ 3 825 742


nuovo da $ 951 613
nuovo da $ 1 022 341
nuovo da $ 1 388 841
nuovo da $ 1 693 185
nuovo da $ 2 379 033

Modelli precedenti

Lunghezza 14.00 m2 Cabine8 Passengers
Lunghezza 16.00 m4 Cabine14 Passengers

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