The history of Catana begins in 1984 in the town of Cogolen in France with the construction of a catamaran by two travelers and designer Lok Crowther. The project was not successful, but the production of catamarans and the search for solutions based on the experiences of other travelers continued. Models are being developed, the turnover is increasing, but the main changes take place after Olivier Poncina joins the company. The Poncin Yachts company is created, in 2012 the production of other models is discontinued - only catamarans remain. In 2014, after the reorganization, the Catana Group appears, and a new line of catamarans Bali Catamarans.

Sailing and motor catamarans are produced at two sites: Canet en Roussillon (Languedoc-Roussillon) and Marans (Charentes-Maritmmies). The main difference is small-scale production in cooperation with the owner with a high degree of customization. No more than 20 pieces are assembled per year, all stages of production are carefully controlled.

In the manufacture of catamarans, special technology Twaron Impact is used, which guarantees rigidity and strength of the structure, valuable and composite materials made using Scrimp technology.

The Catana line is represented by 4 models, Bali Catamarans has 11 models. Sailing and motor catamarans from 40 to 70 feet are offered. Asymmetric hulls, centerboards and backsplash pins allow for steeper and faster tack than a sailing yacht. The presence of centerboards brings certain difficulties - you can turn over or break off when approaching the shore.

Bali 5.4 is recognized as one of the Best Catamarans of 2019 by Multihulls World magazine. The presentation of the new sailing catamaran Bali CatSapce with the style set by the previous Bali 4.8 was planned at the boat show at Grande Motte in April 2020, but the exhibition did not take place.

The Catana Group is represented by dealers on all continents. Catana Services specializes in the sale of used catamarans: inspected by technical services, refurbished and sold through a network of 50 dealers. The Catana Group includes the island of Port-Pin-Rollan and the shipyard in Antibes, which offer maintenance and anchorage for yachts and catamarans.

Modelli di yacht


nuovo da $ 599 393
nuovo da $ 519 511
nuovo da $ 545 760
nuovo da $ 997 001

Bali MY

nuovo da $ 848 582


nuovo da $ 812 100
Lunghezza 15.85 m4 Cabine8 Passengers
nuovo da $ 1 204 605
nuovo da $ 1 249 014
Lunghezza 18.99 m3 Cabine8 Passengers
nuovo da $ 1 626 284

Modelli precedenti

Lunghezza 12.58 m4 Cabine2008 - 2013
Lunghezza 12.58 m2009 - 2015
Lunghezza 12.58 m4 Cabine8 Passengers2007 - 2010
Lunghezza 12.58 m4 Cabine8 Passengers2012 - 2015
Lunghezza 13.11 m4 Cabine8 Passengers2005 - 2010
nuovo da $ 690 253
Lunghezza 13.60 m12 Passengers2014 - 2015
Lunghezza 14.02 m4 Cabine10 Passengers2011 - 2017
Lunghezza 14.02 m4 Cabine10 Passengers2011 - 2017
Lunghezza 14.03 m6 Cabine2009 - 2013
Lunghezza 14.30 m4 Cabine8 Passengers1998 - 2005
Lunghezza 15.23 m5 Cabine2007 - 2011
Lunghezza 16.18 m1970 - 1970
Lunghezza 16.74 m6 Cabine2012 - 2013
Lunghezza 17.90 m2012 - 2014
Lunghezza 18.90 m5 Cabine2012 - 2015
Lunghezza 19.69 m5 Cabine2008 - 2011
Lunghezza 20.86 m4 Cabine1970 - 1970

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