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Catana traces its history back to 1984, when the town Cogolin St Tropez traveler Thierry Goard and Jean-Pierre Prades built the first catamaran project by Australian designer Loka Crowther — Catana 40. The project was good (under the brand Phisa these catamarans are available now), but Catana 40 was not successful. It was built in only 11 cases. But the quality of construction along with the distinctive features of the project already laid the Foundation for the future success of the Catana catamarans.

1990s Catana continues to look for new solutions, based on the experience of many travelers. C40 Diabolo Christophe Barro goes to the Arctic, Bruno Nicoletti makes a circumnavigation in the southern latitudes of 40 and 47 models, and were themselves the founders of the shipyard travel a lot.

Paradoxical, but Catana is more popular abroad than in France.

471-I model was the "yacht of the year" in the United States in 1999. To the beginning 2000s the turnover of the shipyard was 16 million francs.

But the future of Catana was associated with an experienced Manager and shipwright, Olivier Panchina. After a decade of owning and designing yachts >Dufour, Olivier Poncin creates Poncin Yachts in 2001, which includes monohull Harmony, motor White Shark and catamarans Catana. As such, the company has until 2012 when getting rid of Harmony, White Shark and to concentrate fully on the construction of catamarans.

In 2014, Poncin Yachts reorganized into Catana Group and runs a range of Bali Catamarans, focused on the construction of a 40-50 foot >sailing and power catamarans for private ownership and Charter.


Consisting of four units of the Catana Group has two production sites in France. This shipyard in Canet-EN-Roussillon and Maran (La Rochelle). The enterprises employ about 300 people.


offers Catana sailing catamarans from 42 to 70 feet. All models appeared at different times, and the majority has already gained popularity among discerning and affluent travelers. In addition, the market is full of offers Catana previous models that are highly rated. In this category draws attention to Catana 92 — the flagship of the shipyard, which was produced from 2006 to 2011 under the order.

To date, more than 500 Catana catamarans ply the world's oceans. More than 80% of the boats sold outside of France.


the Desire of the shipyard to innovation and quality has been laid down in the draft Loka Crowther.

small-scale production with a high degree of individualization of the project is allocated Catana among others.

Catana amazing speed, reliability, security, and convenience.

the hallmark of Catana, inter alia, the presence of overhead Vertov asymmetric, "skewed" into the case. The construction uses carbon fiber, Kevlar, vacuum infusion technology SCRIMP and ultra-light material Twaron. While interiors are only valuable and high quality materials.

Yacht models


new from $ 599 393
new from $ 562 323
new from $ 997 001
new from $ 836 746
Length 14.02 m 4 Cabins 10 Passengers
Length 12.58 m 4 Cabins 8 Passengers
Length 14.30 m 4 Cabins 8 Passengers
new from $ 1 286 920
new from $ 535 278
Length 13.11 m 4 Cabins 8 Passengers
new from $ 711 202
Length 15.85 m 4 Cabins 8 Passengers
new from $ 1 241 164
Length 18.99 m 3 Cabins 8 Passengers
new from $ 1 675 640

Discontinued production models

Length 13.60 m 12 Passengers 2014 - 2015
Length 15.23 m 5 Cabins 2007 - 2011
Length 16.74 m 6 Cabins 2012 - 2013
Length 19.69 m 5 Cabins 2008 - 2011

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