13,10 m / 42,98 ft
7,11 m / 23,33 ft
1,20 m / 3,94 ft
12,70 tonne
800 liters
Fresh water
800 liters

The walking model of the Bali 4.3MY Revolutionary catamaran has been produced by Catana since 2020. The hull is made of fiberglass, its length is 13.1 meters, width is 7.11 meters, and draft is 1.2 meters. The vessel has twelve seats and six berths for passengers. International CE (A) certification allows you to go out to the high seas.

The model has an open bow platform on which a soft corner sofa and several sun loungers are installed. It can be accessed through the passageways located along the sides fenced with metal railings. The Bali 4.3MY Revolutionary cockpit has an enclosed cockpit with a hardtop equipped with two corner sofas and compact tables, as well as a captain's station with an adjustable steering wheel with two swivel chairs.

Inside the cockpit there is a galley with sink, oven and electric ovens, refrigerator and drawers for food / dishes, a corner sofa for several people, a dining table, and doors leading to the cabins. The sleeping quarters are equipped with beds for two people, dressing rooms, spacious lockers and compact tables, and next to them there are bathrooms with showers.

A soft sofa is installed on the outer deck of the cockpit, which transforms into a spacious lounger. Along the sides, there are walkways to the stern, equipped with a platform with a ladder for access to the water, a tow bar and metal handrails. The catamaran is equipped with two stationary engines with a capacity of 160 HP, the capacity of its tanks for fuel and fresh water is 800 liters.

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  • 2020
  • Length 13.10 m
  • Beam 7.11 m
  • Draft 1.20 m
$ 1 884
per day
05:13 18.04.2020

new from $ 848 582

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