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9 yachts for sale in Turkey

With the help of 2yachts, you can view the best deals for yacht sales in Turkey and make a long-awaited purchase that opens up endless possibilities for organizing water recreation. Our clients have access to both yachts adapted for long-distance voyages and vessels for coastal trips with various functions and designs.

The company's specialists will provide high-quality support for the transaction, carry out an assessment of the vessel, technical expertise of a used vessel, negotiations with the owner and advise you on all issues related to the acquisition and maintenance of yachts.

  • 2015
  • Length 12.09 m
  • Beam 4.00 m
  • Draft 1.70 m
$ 99 500
07:09 06.11.2022
Grand Soleil 43
Marmaris, Turkey
  • 2004
  • Length 12.80 m
  • Beam 3.60 m
  • Draft 2.60 m
$ 95 524
16:40 12.10.2022
  • 2016
  • Length 11.80 m
  • Beam 3.70 m
  • Draft 1.30 m
$ 80 000
16:16 21.07.2023
Beneteau Oceanis 50
Fethiye, Turkey
  • 2011
  • Length 15.10 m
  • Beam 4.49 m
$ 303 941
11:33 21.04.2023
Beneteau Oceanis 55.1
Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2019
  • Length 16.78 m
  • Beam 4.96 m
  • Draft 1.91 m
$ 550 000
14:00 08.11.2022
Custom Turtle
Fethiye, Turkey
  • 2016
  • Length 15.00 m
  • Beam 6.00 m
  • Draft 1.00 m
$ 220 000
13:30 26.09.2022
Beneteau Oceanis 473
Milas, Turkey
  • 2006
  • Length 14.30 m
  • Beam 4.33 m
$ 162 826
08:35 23.02.2023
Beneteau Cyclades 50.5
Marmaris, Turkey
  • 2007
  • Length 15.62 m
  • Beam 4.98 m
$ 249 666
12:02 19.02.2023
  • 2006
  • Length 14.00 m
  • Beam 4.00 m
  • Draft 1.00 m
$ 135 688
10:00 02.06.2021

Buying yachts in Turkey is becoming an increasingly popular investment, and pleasure boats are now acquired not only by yachting adherents and avid fishermen, but also by ordinary lovers of travel and new experiences.

Buying a yacht in Turkey

A yacht is a kind of “house on the water”, allowing not to limit travel routes to the coast of one country and giving greater freedom of movement. As a rule, among most people, the stereotype that yachts are an impermissible luxury is still alive, but this misconception is easily dispelled by considering proposals for the sale of used ships.

With the help of 2yachts, you can view the most profitable offers for the sale of yachts in Turkey and make a long-awaited acquisition, which opens up unlimited opportunities for organizing water holidays. Our customers have access to both yachts adapted for long trips and ships for coastal trips with various functionalities and designs. The company's specialists will provide high-quality transaction support, assess the vessel, conduct a technical examination of the used vessel, negotiate with the owner and advise you on all issues related to the purchase and maintenance of yachts.

You can buy a yacht in one of the Turkish ports, for example, in Istanbul, Antalya or Alanya and have the opportunity to immediately experience its functionality. Most of the Turkish marinas are built on the Aegean coast, however, if you need inexpensive maintenance and parking, we recommend that you also look at the marinas on the Mediterranean coast. So, in Alanya, at the entrance to the city, a spacious marina was built, attracting customers primarily due to the low cost of parking with a high level of service.

Local yacht manufacturing

The territory of Turkey is one of the most favorable places for the construction of pleasure boats. Thanks to the warm Mediterranean climate, it is possible to do without organizing boathouses and workshops, which together with the low cost of electricity and labor makes the cost of yachts in Turkey significantly lower than the cost of building the same vessels in the United States or European countries.

The yachting infrastructure in Turkey is improving every year, and the level of service is growing - today Turkish marinas are considered one of the best on the Mediterranean coast. Turkey is the third country in the world in terms of yacht production, and the annual export of ships is estimated at several billion dollars.

Preference when choosing a market for the purchase of a yacht should be given to Turkey also because of the large selection of offers, affordable prices for comfortable vessels. On our website you can consider yachts for sale in Turkey , which are set at prices from the manufacturer and subsequently benefit from the resale of the vessel - the more prestigious the yacht, the more profitable you can then resell it in the market of your country.

Using our catalog, you can choose a yacht for purchase in Turkey in accordance with your wishes and financial capabilities. 2yachts has many years of experience in organizing the rental and sale of used and new yachts of various years of manufacture. You can find out information about a specific model of a vessel on our website, and if necessary, specify details with one of our managers.

We sell yachts in Turkey in different trim levels and at prices ranging in a very wide range. Accordingly, you can expect to buy a vessel from us that will be maximally suited for a relaxing family vacation, leisurely fishing or a noisy vacation in the company of friends. We have established interaction with sellers and can offer favorable prices thanks to direct sales, excluding the intervention of intermediaries.

In deciding to buy a yacht in Turkey , it is necessary to take into account local features of paperwork. Our company is ready to help you with the choice of the yacht of your dreams so that you can purchase a vessel at a bargain price and not worry about drawing up a contract of sale, insurance and registration of the yacht. We will also take care of organizing a dialogue and overcoming the language barrier with Turkish sellers.

Water recreation is one of the most pleasant pastimes, and all you need to organize it is a small pleasure boat, equipped to give home comfort when staying away from the bustle of cities. As soon as you decide to look for yachts for sale , write to us. We draw your attention to the fact that acquiring a yacht in Turkey can be your good investment, since you can consider renting your vessel at a time when you yourself do not rest on the water and receive tangible income from this! The cost of the yacht paid by you with a responsible approach to planning and implementing a business plan should pay off in a couple of years, and in the future it can consistently make a profit.