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Istanbul is a major port on the shores of the Sea of Marmara at the junction of Europe and Asia, the capital of Turkey and the most important tourist center of the region. Istanbul is simultaneously located in two parts of the World and is the most densely populated city in Europe.

Beneteau Oceanis 55.1
Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2019
  • Length 16.78 m
  • Beam 4.96 m
  • Draft 1.91 m
$ 550 000
14:00 08.11.2022

The city survived many eras (Roman and Byzantine, Ottoman and Latin empires) and cultures, each of which left its mark on his face - to see their influence, just go through the old “mahalla” (neighborhoods). When planning to buy a yacht in Istanbul, consider the options from our catalog - here you can find the most current offers at affordable prices.

City attractions

For those who are visiting Istanbul for the first time, it is recommended to visit the best attractions of the city, including:

  • Hagia Sophia 6th century;
  • Blue Mosque of the 17th century;
  • The main city square is Sultanahmet (Ahmed);
  • Topkapi Palace 15th century;
  • Church of Christ the Savior in the Fields (Choir Monastery) 11th century;
  • Suleimaniye Mosque of the 16th century;
  • The city walls of Constantinople - Theodosius walls of the 5th century;
  • Underground reservoir Basilica Cistern;
  • Valenta Aqueduct of the 4th century;
  • Church of the Holy Trinity of the 19th century;
  • One of the largest indoor markets in the world is the Grand Bazaar;
  • Suspension Bosphorus Bridge, etc.

Surprisingly, travelers arriving in Istanbul can plunge into the waters of two seas at once - Black and Marmara. The local beaches are well equipped, and the temperature is always comfortable thanks to the quickly warming sea, which is shallow here. The most popular beach is Floria, outdoor enthusiasts can head to Agva Beach, and Schile Beach is suitable for those who need to retire to the seashore in a calm atmosphere.

Fans of first-class shopping can visit the oldest shopping center in Istanbul - Atrium, and in local restaurants you will be served dishes of meat and fresh seafood, which would be an unforgivable oversight. Also, do not forget to admire the city from the Bosphorus, take a steam bath in the Turkish hammam and try the hookah at the Grand Bazaar - “nargile”.


Yachting in Istanbul allows you to combine the observation of the picturesque views of the rugged coastline with a touch of the rich historical heritage of the region. You can leave your boat at the berth of the WEST ISTANBUL MARINA marina (600 berths for ships up to 70 m long) in the west of the city, at Atakoy Marina with 1000 berths for ships up to 100 m long and with a draft up to 6 m (parking cost starts from 2093 Euro per month or 119 Euro per day), in the Tarabya Tekne Park marina (445 berths for ships up to 23 m long and with a draft up to 3.5 m), at the Setur Kalamış Fenerbahçe Marinas marina pier (235 berths for ships up to 90 m long and with a draft of up to 6 m), as well as on the territory of Sirena Marine, Yeşilköy Balıkçı Barınağı and other marinas in the city. If you are interested in selling yachts in Istanbul, we advise you to contact one of the responsible yacht brokers in the region, for example - DELPHINE YACHTS or E-TREND YACHTING.