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Fethiye resort in the south-west of Turkey on the Mediterranean coast is a popular holiday destination among lovers of peace and tranquility. Tourists in Fethiye are attracted by clean air, azure water lagoons, long beaches and numerous historical attractions.

Beneteau Oceanis 50
Fethiye, Turkey
  • 2011
  • Length 15.10 m
  • Beam 4.49 m
$ 306 120
11:33 21.04.2023
Custom Turtle
Fethiye, Turkey
  • 2016
  • Length 15.00 m
  • Beam 6.00 m
  • Draft 1.00 m
$ 220 000
13:30 26.09.2022

Near the city there are picturesque Lycian mountains, covered with dense pine and cedar forests. The valley is protected from the wind, and due to the abundance of greenery and good ecology, you can observe the healing effect of staying on the "Turquoise Coast". In Fethiye, you can swim in a warm bay, do photo hunting near Turtle Peninsula, visit the romantic Butterfly Valley, take a look at the bay from the height of the Lycian Mountains and much more. If you are faced with the task of choosing and buying a yacht in Fethiye, we can offer our help. Study the offers on our website and contact our staff for qualified support at all stages of the acquisition of the vessel.

Attractions Fethiye

The modern city stands on the site of the ancient port of Telmes (“City of the Sun”), and many monuments of past centuries have been preserved here. When you walk or drive around the city, you should visit the following attractions:

  • Located on the outskirts of the city of Lycian tombs of the 4th century BC (Fethiye business card);
  • Antique theater of the 2nd century;
  • Knight's castle of the 15th century;
  • Ruins in the city of Tlos;
  • Ancient Ruins Ancient Rock Tombes;
  • The ancient city of Pinara, 55 km from Fethiye with the ruins of ancient temples, including the Temple of Aphrodite;
  • Downtown Fethiye Market Territory;
  • Harbor Port - Fethiye Harbor;
  • City Museum - Fethiye Museum (Muzesi);
  • Natural Park - Yesil Vadi;
  • Saklikent National Park, 50 km from Fethiye with picturesque waterfalls and many caves.

The popular beaches of the village of Oludeniz 15 km from Fethiye, not inferior in beauty to the best resorts in the world, in particular - the Blue Lagoon beach in the territory of the national reserve of the same name. The beaches of Belcekiz and Kidrak are also beautiful, having vacationers with gorgeous views and developed infrastructure for outdoor activities. In the vicinity of Fethiye, excellent conditions were created for diving - the underwater world is striking in the variety of flora and fauna, Saryyarlar is considered one of the most popular places for diving.

Yachting at Fethiye

Traveling on a yacht from Fethiye, you can go to the Butterfly Valley, visit the nearby islands, as well as go diving, kiting, rafting and other outdoor activities. You can moor in Fethiye in the Ece Marina marina in the south of the city with a capacity of 460 vessels up to 60 m long, or in the small Buba Marina marina with many restaurants and cafes. To find out as much as possible relevant information on the sale of yachts in Fethiye, contact the responsible yacht broker, for example, GALA YACHTING AND BROKERS (Fethiye), BOAT ABC (Marmaris), DELPHINE YACHTS (Istanbul) or TEZMARİN (Istanbul).