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Bodrum is a resort town in the Turkish province of Mugla, famous for its turtle island, the picturesque Dalyan River, the ancient city of Kedrai (which was captured by Sparta during the Peloponnesian War) and the ruins of Ancient Lycia.

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Bodrum is the most youthful and “party” city in all of Turkey, because nightlife is raging here, and the developed infrastructure offers many types of entertainment. Bodrum also serves as a favorite vacation spot for the Turkish elite - poets, artists, intellectuals, businessmen and musicians from different regions come here on weekends and holidays. When planning to buy a yacht in Bodrum, you can choose options from our catalog - only current offers from direct sellers are collected here.

Sights of Bodrum

The rich history of Bodrum dates back to the 5th century BC, and a large number of ancient monuments have been preserved on the territory of the city. We advise you to see the following objects of cultural and historical significance:

  • Castle of St. Peter (Castle of St. Peter);
  • The ruins of an ancient amphitheater - Bodrum Amphitheater;
  • Gates of Mindos;
  • Milt Shipyard (Ottoman Shipyard);
  • Tomb of Mausoleum;
  • Museum of archaeological finds - Zeki Muren Arts Museum;
  • Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology (the only one in Turkey) - Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology.

Local beaches - pebble or sand, with a large selection of entertainment. The most picturesque of them are Akyarlar, Karaynchir and Bitez. We also recommend a stroll through the well-equipped Milta Bodrum Marina with its beautiful promenade and stunning scenery. If you are interested in youth parties, it is worth visiting the Halikarnas Disco club - the ultramodern and most popular in the city. Shopping lovers should take a closer look at the shops on Ataturk Avenue, and the famous Turkish sweets can be purchased at the Central Market.

Yachting in Bodrum

In recent years, Bodrum has become very attractive for sailors from all over the world, mainly due to the developed infrastructure. Traveling on a yacht along the coast of the Aegean Sea, you can admire the picturesque bays and islands, visit the wide beaches with a gently sloping bottom and look at the Greek islands of Rhodes and Kos, enjoying the constant refreshing breeze. Mooring in Bodrum is possible at the Port Bodrum Yalıkavak marina, 17 km from the city with 450 berths for vessels up to 65 m long, Milta Bodrum Marina marina 55 km from Bodrum airport (475 berths for ships long up to 40 feet), Turgutreis D-Marin marinas 70 km from Milas Bodrum Airport (300 seats for ships up to 40 feet long) or near the pier of the very picturesque Bodrum Harbor marina. If you are interestedsale of yachts in Bodrum, contact one of the reliable Turkish yacht brokers, for example, TREND YACHTING (Istanbul), GALA YACHTING AND BROKERS (Fethiye) or TEZMARİN (Istanbul).