His first Christopher Columbus Smith built in 1874 at the age of 13 years, after which he founded the shipyard has produced thousands of ships for the army USA. br>
Working on military contracts, a company whose classic boat called "the North American Riva", actively explore the civilian market. In the early twentieth century, Chris-Craft hardened in the competitive battles with the Dodge for the release of budget serial gentlemanly boats, and in this struggle has become the world's largest manufacturer of ships mahogany. br>
At the peak of the flourishing era of wooden boats, the shipyard has created hundreds of models, famous peerless craftsmanship, which has survived to this day. br>
In the beginning of XXI century Florida company changed several owners and gone over to fiberglass, manufactures three lines of high-speed sports boats. Model Corsair and Launch are the classic cabin boats and buried with stationary engines and a chic finish, and the line Catalina designed for outboard motors and more focused on fishermen.

Modelli di yacht


Lunghezza 5.74 m5 Passengers2013 - 2023
Lunghezza 5.74 m5 Passengers2013 - 2023
Lunghezza 5.74 m7 Passengers2013 - 2023
Lunghezza 7.14 m7 Passengers2013 - 2023
Lunghezza 7.16 m8 Passengers2013 - 2023
Lunghezza 7.44 m1 Cabina8 Passengers
Lunghezza 7.57 m1 Cabina10 Passengers
Lunghezza 8.10 m1 Cabina6 Passengers
Lunghezza 9.75 m1 Cabina12 Passengers
Lunghezza 10.40 m1 Cabina12 Passengers
Lunghezza 11.05 m1 Cabina8 Passengers2013 - 2023
Lunghezza 11.05 m1 Cabina8 Passengers2013 - 2023

Modelli precedenti

Lunghezza 6.15 m5 Passengers2013 - 2014
Lunghezza 11.05 m1 Cabina8 Passengers2013 - 2014

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