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British aeronautical engineer and yachtsman-enthusiast Tom Moorrant, together with three friends, founded the shipbuilding company Sealine Fibrasonic Marine Ltd in 1972. The manufacturing facility was located in a small British town near Bobbington, Staffordshire, and the first yacht was unveiled the following year. In the same year, the oil crisis struck the world, and the VAT soared by 25%, because of which the young company had to interrupt nearly 10 years with orders not related to shipbuilding and act as a subcontractor for other yacht manufacturers. In 1978 the company introduced two new models and in the same year moved to a larger plant in Kidderminster, Worcestershire. In the 1980s, the shipyard entered the European market, thereby gaining popularity and a reputation as a reliable manufacturer, and in the 1990s it entered the American market, making it one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the UK (along with Fairline, Sunseeker and Princess).

8 years after the shipyard entered the American market, a number of significant changes began to occur in its internal structure. Shipyard founder Tom Moorrant and his associates sold the company for $ 45 million to a group of US venture capitalists led by English industrialist Gerard Wainwright, who immediately began to improve build quality and design of new models. Three years later, the company was sold for $ 65 million to the Brunswick Corporation, which undertook significant styling changes in an effort to attract new customers with luxurious interiors, and significantly expanded the range. The company suffered greatly from the crisis of 2007-2008, which led to its almost complete bankruptcy. After 7 years, she was acquired by the renowned German yacht manufacturer HanseYachts, who rebuilt the shipyard's production capacity and successfully owns it to this day.

To date, all manufacturing facilities have been relocated to Greifswald Germany, where other brands owned by HanseYachts are also being assembled.

The Sealine lineup consists of more than ten yachts, divided into three series: Cruiser, Flybridge and Sport. The Sport line consists of small cabin cruising boats, the Cruiser range of enclosed cruising yachts from 15 meters in length and the Flybridge range consists of mid-sized planing flybridge yachts.

Sealine yachts are distinguished by well-thought-out layout of interiors and luxurious interiors, as evidenced by several major awards at international festivals and yachting exhibitions.

Modelli di yacht


nuovo da $ 356 533
Lunghezza 11.99 m3 Cabine8 Passengers
nuovo da $ 551 294
Lunghezza 13.55 m3 Cabine12 Passengers
nuovo da $ 719 532
Lunghezza 16.13 m3 Cabine12 Passengers
nuovo da $ 1 076 317


Lunghezza 10.31 m2 Cabine8 Passengers
nuovo da $ 199 770


nuovo da $ 265 398


Lunghezza 13.55 m3 Cabine12 Passengers
nuovo da $ 878 647
Lunghezza 15.94 m3 Cabine12 Passengers
nuovo da $ 1 106 416

Modelli precedenti

Lunghezza 8.81 m1 Cabina4 Passengers2004 - 2008
Lunghezza 10.82 m2011 - 2014
Lunghezza 11.10 m2 Cabine5 Passengers2007 - 2011
Lunghezza 11.74 m2 Cabine2013 - 2014
Lunghezza 11.83 m3 Cabine2009 - 2014
Lunghezza 11.86 m2 Cabine6 Passengers2003 - 2006
Lunghezza 11.96 m2 Cabine2011 - 2014
Lunghezza 12.88 m3 Cabine7 Passengers2013 - 2016
Lunghezza 12.88 m3 Cabine8 Passengers2012 - 2014
Lunghezza 13.55 m3 Cabine6 Passengers
Lunghezza 13.60 m2013 - 2014
Lunghezza 13.60 m2 Cabine7 Passengers1996 - 2002
Lunghezza 14.70 m2013 - 2014
Lunghezza 15.41 m2013 - 2014
Lunghezza 18.08 m3 Cabine16 Passengers2015 - 2017

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