Company History

The Company was founded Fjord in Norway in 1960 in the city of Arendal and produced yachts from GRP composite. On the idea of the founder of the shipyard, Alfa Ricarda Bjarke (Alf Richard Bjercke), it was sturdy, reliable seaworthy yachts on coastal voyages. In the late 60-ies the shipyard has occupied leading positions in the Nordic market, however, the oil crisis of the early ' 70s struck on the growth of the company, which at that time had several factories in Norway. Reduced demand for boats has resulted in deterioration of the business, in subsequent years, the company has undergone a number of changes of ownership and merger with other companies, while in 2005 she became part of the Hanse Group. In 2008 the company presented at the exhibition in düsseldorf its new model of the Fjord 40 Open, which was awarded "European Powerboat of the Year 2008". From that moment began a new stage of development of the brand, which makes a significant contribution to the group's financial performance Hanse.

The Lineup

Inside the Hanse Fjord brand has occupied a niche of high-speed sailing yachts for use in coastal waters. In the line of the Fjord >the yacht with an open cockpit that can be used in particular as a >tenders for superyachts. Speed 30-40 knots — an ordinary figure for the brand. In addition, the company offers a huge selection of options, color options and finishes. Online Configurator allows the future owner to obtain a unique Fjord. Manufacturing Fjord is located in Germany, the company has a dealer network in more than 30 countries.

Combat plagiarism

Original design, which for the shipyard creates British designer Patrick Banfield, made Fjord is very recognizable and set some trends in the development direction. The direction was so promising that some of the competitors tried to produce a model in the same style. So, in early 2018 HanseYachts >take out a restraining order on the construction and sale of boats series Pardo 43 Italian shipyard Cantiere del Pardo, the design of which was similar to the Fjord is 42.


The Owners of the shipyard claim that one of the main advantages of the Fjord, in addition to the design and dynamic characteristics, is the low attenuation of boats compared to other brands. So, according to them, if the average boat price in the first year falls by 20%, and in subsequent years by 5-10%, these figures have Fjord of approximately 6% in the first 4 years of operation. According the shipyard, the secondary market Fjord is very popular and sold quickly.

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