Nautor's Swan

Nautor's Swan

  • Finlandia
  • P.O. Box 10 68601 Pietarsaari FINLAND, 68601

the Shipyard Nautor was founded in 1966, Pekka of Koskenkyla and was initially built only a 36-foot yacht. The first one was called Swan (Swan), which later gave name to the whole brand. Customers quickly noticed the high quality yacht that later became the trademark of Nautor.

the First boat of the Finnish shipyards was a mixture of luxury interior hull of fiberglass and technical solutions used in racing yachts. Models of the Nautor's Swan has successfully acted at competitions. So, Swan 48 won the Bermuda race 1972, and two years later Swan 65 won the world >Whitbread Round the World Race.

In the 80s with the arrival of the designer Herman Frers in the history of the company began a new phase. Lineup Nautor's Swan has added to Maxi-yachts. In 2001, the company began to produce monotypes. In August 2012, the shipyard, bazoumana Jakobstad, launched its two-thousand "Swan" — >90S Freya. Today in the Bank at Nautor's Swan, more than 2,000 boats from 36 to 131 feet, and it employs around 400 people are working.



Longitud 12.98 m3 Cabañas6 Pasajeros
Longitud 13.83 m3 Cabañas6 Pasajeros
Longitud 26.50 m3 Cabañas6 Pasajeros

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