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  • Forli, Via Ansaldo, 9b, 47122 FERRETTI S. p.A.

Life of the brand began in 1969, when the founder of Itama Mario Amati brought to life his dream to build a yacht of the new generation. For the name of the shipyard, he chose a simple approach, using his name, backwards.

Over the last 45 years Itama has created his own recognizable and unique style, creating a luxurious sport yacht open-class fiberglass composite. In 2004, the shipyard became part of >the Ferretti Group. "Freedom is the open boat" — say in Itama, emphasizing that their boat is sovershennoe combination of style and power, made possible thanks to the design efforts of Marco Casali and the team of architects of the company and the group Ferretti.

the Rapid line profile, the body is deep V, large open cockpit, powerful engines providing speeds from 38 to 48 knots, and refined interiors are the main features of the model range of the shipyard Itama, which for 2015 consisted of three yachts 45, 62 and 75 feet. The first two models are equipped with engines with drive shafts and are built on site in Forli. >Flagship brand is manufactured at facilities in Mondolfo and comes with a powertrain with half-sunk screws.



Länge 12.00 m 1 Kabine 8 Passagiere
Länge 13.36 m 3 Kabinen 12 Passagiere
Länge 18.82 m 3 Kabinen 6 Passagiere
Länge 19.03 m 3 Kabinen 14 Passagiere
Länge 23.54 m 4 Kabinen 16 Passagiere


Länge 16.12 m 3 Kabinen 12 Passagiere 2007 - 2010
Länge 17.00 m 3 Kabinen 14 Passagiere 2007 - 2010
Länge 18.82 m 3 Kabinen 14 Passagiere 2008 - 2012

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