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Norwegian shipyard Saga Boats founded in 1960 under the name Sejle Bruk by brothers Val and Asbjörn Drageset in the city of Celje. At first, the shipyard employed 50 employees and was doing a little rowing boats made of fiberglass. In 1966, the stocks came off their first motor boat, the Saga 20, which became a bestseller of the company. The success inspired the shipyard in the creation of Saga 27 — this time bestseller on a national scale. The boat with the changes was produced from 1968 through 2004, and the total number of sold buildings over 5000.

Since mid 70s firm began to produce semi-displacement hulls which remain the base for the shipyard today. In the beginning 80 years, sales of ships Sejle Bruk significantly reduced, and in 1982 the company went bankrupt. However, the experience and the perfect base is not allowed Asbjörn Drageset to give up. In 1983, he created a company to manufacture small boats called Sba Boats, soon renamed the Saga Trading, and in 2001 — in Saga Boats. But the trials have not ended. In 2008 the economic crisis forced the company to temporarily freeze production, which resumed in February 2009 to Return to previous levels at the output and the Saga team were only able to recently. Today we export about half of the products of the company. The main markets of Sweden and Denmark, important importers are also Holland, Germany, Switzerland, UK and Finland.


the Volume of production, located in the West of Norway, in H. Selye are about 100 buildings per year, which for Norway is a great indicator. A large part of the materials used are of local origin. Yachts are produced with active involvement of family owners. Modern production technology and strict quality control allow us to build light, durable and manageable boat. This product Saga in high demand on the secondary market.


In recent years, the company has managed to emerge from the peak that occurred in 2008, and increased the number of produced models to six. This semi-displacement >closed with hardtop cruisers with a size of from 9.5 to 12.7 m. Their functional design is balancing between classic and new trends, which will be appreciated by experienced users.


the Boat Saga have developed keel that protects the propeller shaft, propeller and rudder in a collision with an underwater obstacle, which makes it comfortable to use these, General, ships and on inland waters. Yachts shipyard have high reliability and durability. This explains the fact that some production boats of 70s continue are in daily use.



Länge 9.43 m 2 Kabinen 8 Passagiere
Länge 11.40 m 1 Kabine 8 Passagiere
Länge 12.63 m 1 Kabine 8 Passagiere


Länge 9.43 m 1 Kabine 8 Passagiere 2013 - 2015
Länge 9.43 m 1 Kabine 8 Passagiere 2013 - 2015
Länge 9.43 m 1 Kabine 8 Passagiere 2013 - 2015

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