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  • Форли, Via Fratelli Lumière, 34, 47122 Cantiere Del Pardo SpA

the Italian Sly Yachts builds >racer / cruiser sailing yachts from 35 to 61 feet. Hull of the boats are made of fiberglass and carbon fiber composites, yachts are avant-garde and highly recognizable exterior.

the Story of Sly Yachts began in 2005 with only a few models in 2014, the company bought the shipyard Cantiere del Pardo, owns the rights to the sailing yacht Grand Soleil. Now the production base of the combined company located near the East coast of the country in the city Forli, while the area of construction sites is 20 thousand square meters.

For the concept and design of both brands are now responsible for the company Studio Lostuzzi Yacht Design & Engineering. The main idea of the Sly — elegant modern design combined with excellent racing characteristics and a high level of comfort on Board. Sly all models are built using carbon masts, rudders and geeks, which significantly reduces the weight of the yacht and has a positive effect on their dynamic qualities. In the cruise sailing yacht management easy Sly and brings pleasure to the owner. Most of the models at the client's request can be equipped semipreciumjm the staysail, and some of the models allow the installation of a hybrid engine. Original solutions are noticeable even by the most conventional devices, for example, awning and Sprayhood.

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