Grand Soleil

Grand Soleil

The founder of the Grand Soleil shipyard is Giuseppe Giuliani, who launched the production of cruising yachts in 1973. He managed to create a new Italian style in shipbuilding. The first model Grand Soleil 34 was released and received recognition from the public, and in seven years 230 of these vessels were produced, and in the early 80s Giuseppe decided to rely on the speed characteristics of the yachts. As a result, first-class models such as the Grand Soleil 39 and Grand Soleil 52 were released. The ships were popular and won first places in regattas competitions.

At the end of the 80s, the company had problems, as athletes began to criticize the ships for the stratification of the hull, but the shipyard management was able to quickly resolve this issue. The company now produces about 140 yachts every year and successfully competes with well-known brands in the production model segment. Many vessels are made according to individual customer preferences.

The Grand Soleil Company regularly receives European and American awards. Today, the headquarters of the famous brand is located in Flori - between San Marino and Bologna, and the total area of production areas is 40 thousand square meters. The company has also organized additional shipbuilding in Fano - the Adriatic coast.

The brand's lineup includes 3 types of yachts and sailing vessels:

  • cruise yachts for leisure and travel;
  • custom yachts - 80 feet;
  • racing boats - 60 ft.

The main emphasis in the production of ships is made on speed characteristics and maneuverability. The shipyard regularly arranges test drives where customers can evaluate the yacht's performance. Since 2000, the company has been organizing the Grand Soleil Cup regatta for its customers. All vessels are comfortable, well-designed and capable of rapidly developing speed. The developers make models taking into account modern technical advances. Ships receive fiberglass hulls to reduce overall weight and balanced sails. The yachts are resistant to loads, wind, waves and are able to overcome water obstacles at high speeds.


Performance Line

nuevo de $ 349 000
nuevo de $ 232 890
nuevo de $ 303 108
nuevo de $ 689 307
nuevo de $ 1 005 287

Long Cruise Line

nuevo de $ 431 841
nuevo de $ 642 495

Modelos anteriores

Longitud 11.82 m 3 Cabañas 8 Pasajeros 2020 - 2020
Longitud 13.20 m 3 Cabañas 1979 - 1990
Longitud 13.25 m 3 Cabañas 2020 - 2020
Longitud 13.98 m 4 Cabañas 2003 - 2006
Longitud 14.35 m 2 Cabañas 1985 - 1993
Longitud 14.42 m 4 Cabañas 2003 - 2006
Longitud 15.15 m 3 Cabañas 2013 - 2017
Longitud 25.95 m 5 Cabañas 2020 - 2020

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