Grand Soleil

Grand Soleil

  • Italy
  • Форли, via Fratelli Lumière, 34, 47122 Cantiere Del Pardo SPA

In 1973, Giuseppe Giuliani has released the brand sailing boat and named it Grand Soleil, which translates from Italian as "Big sun". Since then, Forli, close to Bologna shipyard Cantiere del Prado are made of custom-made vessels of semi-custom — each model is done under the owner. During its existence, the shipyard has built more than 3000 boats, and their very name has become a symbol and icon of Italian style.

the range of Grand Soleil yachts consists of 2 lines — performance cruising line (for cruises) and racing line (racing). Vessels have a length 34-70 feet (11.7 to 17 meters). They are built virtually by hand, about two hundred Grand a year. Their appearance are created by the leading designers from around the world — German Frers, Doug Peterson, Bruce Farr, Judel&Vrolijk and Botin&Carkeek. Each boat receives a finish of mahogany or teak and the interior of the hair Patrick Roseo.

Yachts Grand Soleil cannot please everyone, but even the haters recognize their excellent driving performance. Where to go: the court of the Grand Soleil took first place in the most popular regattas — Capri Sailing Week, Spiouest France North Sea Regatta Rolex Commodore''s Cup Cowes. In the world of yachts, Grand Soleil enjoys the same glory as Porsche — cars in the world, they are both fast and beautiful.

Discontinued production models

Length 11.82 m 3 Cabins 8 Passengers 2020 - 2020
Length 13.25 m 3 Cabins 2020 - 2020
Length 13.98 m 4 Cabins 2003 - 2006
Length 14.42 m 4 Cabins 2003 - 2006
Length 15.15 m 3 Cabins 2013 - 2017
Length 25.95 m 5 Cabins 2020 - 2020

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