14,62 m / 47,97 ft
4,25 m / 13,94 ft
2,60 m / 8,53 ft
11,10 tonne
220 liters
Fresh water
460 liters

Each Grand Soleil model is created to order, therefore in the construction of boats as not saving. Luxurious details and high technology make the Grand Soleil 47 is ideal for those who appreciate style and performance. To work on the shipyard Cantiere del Pardo has invited the famous Marcelino botín, who also worked on the design of the yacht ETNZ. With his light hand in GS 47 was used the latest innovative solutions in the field of hydro - and aerodynamics. The hull and deck are made of sandwich panels vacuum forming, which ensures not only high strength, but also lightness of the yacht. Effective T-keel allows to lower the center of gravity, ensuring maximum safety and comfort during sea cruises or racing. GS 47 ideal for long journeys — on Board there is everything necessary to accommodate six guests. In good weather, to sail and one person.

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