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Rinker is one of the first American shipyards, founded by Lonnie Rinker in 1930. Initially, fishing boats and small boats were produced in a workshop in White River, in 1945 the first sports racing model Famous Craft was created, then a line of boats of this series. In 1950, the company was renamed Rinkerbuilt. Since 1958, fiberglass boats coated with gelcoat have been produced, a special technology for painting the hulls has been used. In 1970, the production of trimaran with outboard and stationary motors and boats with a hull up to 7 meters began, the shipyard became world famous. In 1980, the company was renamed Rinker Boats, and the Express Cruiser, Fiesta Vee and Captiva high-speed boats appeared. The 50th anniversary of the company is marked by the introduction of large block engines, a fiberglass pontoon with three Flotillas hulls. In 2005, Rinker merged with the Nautic Global Group, and in 2018 the brand is acquired by Polaris, the Fortune 500 motorsport giant.

Rinker boats ranging in length from 5.5 to 12.5 meters are manufactured at the Syracuse, Indiana plant. They produce cruisers and sports and pleasure boats such as bowrider, cuddy cabin, deck boat, there are 19 models.

Basic principles in production: high quality plastics, materials designed for long-term use, rigorous testing, checking all the elements of the boat, the functioning of hulls, parts and supports, individual style and color adjustment.

Body construction and features are Limited Lifetime Warranty and Additional 5 Year Warranty with no pro-rating on all remaining parts and materials.

The company is represented in more than 40 countries, a unique sales development and support program has been created for each region, the staff is considered one of the best in the industry.

In April 2020, Polaris made the strategic decision to discontinue production of the Rinker brand from June, will continue to serve customers and sell spare parts, and all warranty obligations will be met.

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