8,50 m / 27,89 ft
2,59 m / 8,50 ft
0,71 m / 2,33 ft
0,00 tonne
Cruising speed
18,00 kn
Max speed
29,00 kn
378 liters
Fresh water
151 liters

Cabin boat Cutwater 28 produced by the American company Fluid Motion has a number of distinctive features, among them quite a large transom platform, fiberglass hull with transverse step, the keel and Ikegami. A boat with anti-friction actuator designed for efficient movement, not only in planning but also in the transitional regime, can speed up to 28 knots and is not very noisy. The cockpit and living quarters of the boat is designed more for family vacation than fishing, so much on Board is optimized for cooking and eating. The interiors of the widely used wooden elements and transformable furniture that create a cosy and functional atmosphere.

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