9,43 m / 30,94 ft
3,07 m / 10,07 ft
2,10 m / 6,89 ft
2,04 tonne
35 liters

The purpose of the yacht Mumm 30 was to create a modern sport keel boat that would be fast and interesting for riders, while remaining relatively simple and not very expensive. KB Bruce Farr started to create a Mumm 30 with a clean sheet in the process were constantly brainstorming on the topic: "What will make the boat faster and more gambling on the go?" The yacht has a very high moment of stability that gives her further opportunity to bear full sails and reduces the need much weight for odranci. Mumm 30 is a very fast and well-managed boat is as sharp and full courses. It is comparative simple for novice teams (largely due to the lack of backstage), but can deliver a lot of fun and experienced sailors-racers.

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