hanse — hanse 370e (2006)

hanse — hanse 370e (2006)

Sanremo, Italy | 2006

hanse — hanse 370e (2006) for rent

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11,25 m / 36,91 ft
4,00 m / 13,12 ft
2,00 m / 6,56 ft
Italy, Sanremo

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sailing is a unique pleasure and if you can do it with a boat you like it is even more: our Hanse 370 "Havana" and "Charas 2" are perfect, agile, very habitable and fast boats, with simple and rational lines. The interiors are very welcoming and modern, all in wood. The internal passage is rather easy and is ensured by a whole series of grab bars to which you can cling in case of a sudden turn or skidding. Internally there is a kitchen almost two meters long. It has 6/8 beds inside. Separately, there is also a bathroom with shower. All this to offer you the necessary to spend a short cruise in all serenity and tranquility. Sailing with this Hanse is really fun and safe: the 370 leaves you with a feeling of solidity, which makes you feel comfortable and allows you to enjoy your journey in complete relaxation. The itinerary we propose is along the famous French blue coast, where coves, beaches with crystal clear waters alternate with villages and more mundane and fashionable situations to offer you maximum fun both sailing and during the break. We will leave from Varazze or Sanremo depending on availability to reach the towns of Villfranche, Nice, Cannes and surroundings ... and maybe with a few more days we can go to Saint Tropez and Porqueroll
$ 577 / per day
hanse — hanse 370e (2006) for rent
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