Sauna ship cruise in Helsinki

Sauna ship cruise in Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

Sauna ship cruise in Helsinki for rent

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15,00 m / 49,21 ft
4,00 m / 13,12 ft
Finland, Helsinki


In Finland there is about 3 million saunas with a population of 5,5 million people. This can not more than justify the reputation that the Finnish do love their saunas. Also, did you know there are around 180 000 islands and islets in Finland? This shows how rich of variety the archipelago is! We offer a unique chance to experience this beautiful archipelago in the most Finnish manner. From the sauna boat you will have a panorama view over the archipelago in the most relaxing atmosphere. *** PRICE - Per hour: 195€ INCLUDED - Sauna boat - Skipper - Wood and water for the sauna - Gasoline - Barbecue equipment - Insurance EXTRA - Towels: 5€ - Whisky: Depending on what's in stock - Catering food - Refreshments, coffee, buns, sandwiches *** The sauna ship is insured and controlled for 12 guests at a time + captain, cruising in a speed of 5 knots. The sauna fits up to 8 people and more room is in the lounge area. A fresh water shower and toilet to rinse after the sauna. A barbecue in the front allows you to arrange nice meals on board. Sned a request with how many you are, what dates you are looking at and what type of charter you wish to organize.
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$ 424 / per day
Sauna ship cruise in Helsinki for rent

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