Лодка пвх Stormline Adventure Standard 310

Лодка пвх Stormline Adventure Standard 310

Лодка пвх Stormline Adventure Standard 310 for sale


Model description:

Inflatable boat PVC is Stormline picking Adventure Standard – ideal for fishing and recreation. A distinctive feature of this model – larger diameter cylinders. The boat is equipped with everything needed for a long, impeccable service operation even under the most demanding conditions.

When choosing camouflage colors price of the boat will increase by 7000 RUB.

The advantages of this model:

1) 5 years Guarantee

2) PVC Thickness 1.2 mm on the cylinder and 1.4 mm on the bottom

3) the Bottom is partially covered via tape on the cans and the keel width 20cm

4) Hard floor (duckboards from marine plywood covered with bakelite) with stringers

5) Italian emergency subversive Bravo valves protect the boat from pereizbytochen pressure during pumping and overheating from direct sunlight

6) Holder under the spinning reel for trolling

7) Adaptive coloring (red for sea green for fishing)


Brands: Stormline

Booking bottoms: Partial (for the cylinders and the keel)

Height of transom Board: 381 mm

Carrying capacity: 490 kg

Tube diameter: 45 cm

Length: 310 cm

Internal length: 188 cm

The number of inflatable compartments: 3+1 (keel)

Number of seats: 2 pieces

Maximum engine power: 10 HP

The inflatable keel: Yes

Passenger capacity: 3 people

The density of the material - cylinder: 1200 g/sq m

Material density - bottom: 1400 g/sq. m

Subversive valve on each section: Yes

Recommended motor power: 8 HP

Drain valve: Yes

Dry weight: 60 kg

Type of bottoms: Plywood duckboards

Width: 159 cm

Internal width: 69 cm

Warranty: 5 years

$ 705Listed price: 49 900
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Лодка пвх Stormline Adventure Standard 310 for sale

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Use The Siberia
Use The Siberia
Somalia, Mogadishu

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