Custom Made — Lucky Stripper (2015)

Custom Made — Lucky Stripper (2015)

Amsterdam, Netherlands | 2015

Custom Made — Lucky Stripper (2015) for rent

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10,00 m / 32,81 ft
Netherlands, Amsterdam

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Our "Lucky Stripper" is a luxury open electrical boat that can accommodate up to 52 people (seating capacity 35 ) The boat is ideal for corporate events, drinks, birthdays or bachelor parties. When it rains we sail with a canopy. Drinks basic: unlimited beer/wine/soda's for 13,00 per person for 2 hours (ex VAT). Extra catering possible Rates: • First 2 hours: €395 (excl. 9% VAT) • Extra hour: €175 (excl. 9% VAT) • Boarding: Amsterdam Center (free), outside the center €90 (ex 9% VAT) • Momentum: Amsterdam • Minimum sailing time: 2 hours • Capacity: 10-57 people, seating capacity 35 Additional Extras: Roof In bad weather, the Lucky Stripper can be fitted with a canopy. Rain will never interfere with the party atmosphere on the boat. Catering onboard Beverage Packages Drinks Experience Basic • Unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks: €6.50 per person per hour (ice included) Drinks Experience Medium • Unlimited beer, wine, prosecco, and soft drinks: €8.50 per person per hour (ice included) Experience Luxury Drinks • Unlimited beer, wine, prosecco, vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, and soft drinks: €11,50 per person per hour (ice included) (Prices are excluding 21% VAT) Appetizers Experience Snacks Cold: Amsterdam cheese & sausage board incl. pickles and mustard (old and young cheese, ox sausage, liver sausage, grill sausage, dry sausage) €6,50 p.p. Experience Snacks Hot: Van Dobben bitterballen, Vlammetjes (chicken),Cheese sticks (vega), Mini spring roll (vega) incl sauces €6,50 p.p Luxurious snacks Organic cheeses, freshly imported olives, the best hummus in Amsterdam, sausage of 'Olijck', bread, and premium meats. All products are from local suppliers. A plateau is for at least 10 people (minimum) 9,50 p.p. (Food prices are ex 9% VAT)
$ 1 808 / per day
Custom Made — Lucky Stripper (2015) for rent

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